At our core To Tony Productions is about the story, the style, and the execution. We love to create short films with a great culmination of ideas which we bring to life. Each new short film we create comes with a purpose and a chance to show something unique to the world.

Voicebox was the short film to end my college career. At the time it was the extension of everything I learned while at Towson University. It brings in story elements from fables such as David and Golliath, classical love stories, and even some small film references. I wanted to create a love story in a world where no one could speak, creating both a physical and metaphorical challenge to the characters. Finding/discovering love is already hard enough and when you take away the ability to even speak out loud, how does a world deal with such a thing?

Spiritus was another film made in a very short time. This project was made in only 72 hours as part of the 3rd annual 72 hour film festival at Towson University. It actually won both the audience award and best film overall at the festival. We set out to make a short film that embodied many classic ghost revenge stories. Slowly revealing the story behind the hauntings in this house. Fun fact the girl playing the spirit Victoria had to sit in her makeup for about 8 hours before we were able to do her scenes in the tub.

Nina was a film created from start to finish in only 48 hours time! It was an official selection as a finalist at the Baltimore 48 hour film festival in 2011 and with it our team set out to create a story about a superhero that takes on crime in her own way. There was a lot more backstory we wanted to add in but due to time constraints we just simply couldn't. Interesting tidbit about the short film if we had more time we would have had our main villain be the one watching the news broadcast with Nina scheming his plan to take her down.

Love is Undead was a film made to really again explore the conventions of love in a strange world. In this post apocalyptic world our two main heroes are united by their love for killing zombies. While one holds steady with sweetness the other has taken this time to become hardened to the world. This was the first project we took on with such a large group of extras and the make up alone took up a huge chunk of the filming day. However many of the same folks we work with today were met through this shoot.