Hearts are Meant to Be Broken is a music video for Bret Sears, a great Baltimore EDM/Pop artist. This music video really tells the story of a man conflicted with his own personal demons. He can't escape his selfish needs and when his girlfriend essentially calls him out on his behavior he makes one destructive decision after the other which leads to the ultimate punishment.

Hope Springs is a dark story of a woman kidnapped. The idea for the video sprung out of the desire to create a video that plays backwards. Slowly revealing the pieces of who brought her there and how each event transpired.

Everyone Was There is a music video all about the euphoric feeling that you get when you listen to an amazing new song for the first time. Our main actress Maya Nali embodies the listener who is transportated to this place with stimulation overload. The flickering lights, jump cuts, and fast camera movements all culminate as a video showcase for the high places music can take us.

Heart and Thunder is a music video that aims to capture the feeling of a true studio production. From the tall LED screens to the band jamming out, everything about this video screams hollywood style filming.