Electronic Press Kit

An Electronic Press Kit or EPK video is a great way to showcase your bands live performance in order to get more bookings as well as open up to a much wider audience.

The New Romance was our first cover band client and has been one of our best. Another band that has us out on their biggest shows. The impact the video has had on their touring range has been amazing. This past fall they even played for a week of shows in China thanks to their stage performance and the ability to show booking agents their videos.

As If is one of the greatest 90s cover bands we have ever had the pleasure to film. We have worked with lead vocalist Mickey Valentine on several projects and the energy he has on stage is truly electric. We have worked with As If to produce and update their videos since 2014 and each time it is a blast to come out.

Our 2018 EPK video for Eclipse: The Ultimate Journey Tribute. This is our third EPK produced for the band which updates their video once a year. Each new video has brought them bigger and better bookings both in Maryland and even out of state venues.

Kanye Twitty was another early client for us but again a bunch of true professionals. We were able to film this EPK on a soundstage in Baltimore to give us the most freedom and control for filming. Live performances work out great but having control over lighting, angles, and time to film also help out a lot for productions.