About Last Weekend...

 Still from our Drone at Turf Valley Resort

Still from our Drone at Turf Valley Resort

This past weekend was our first off in a long stretch. It has been a great season this year and is slowly coming to a close. We have at least one wedding each weekend through to the 2nd of December so this short break was a great chance to catch up and also do some much needed photo updates (more on that later this week).

On the last weekend of October though we were in full swing with the wedding of Karen and Jason at the lovely Turf Valley Resort. It was great working with a very talented team of vendors and also this marks the third wedding that we have filmed at this venue. Everything went off wonderfully and we even had a chance to fly the drone when we first arrived which made for some great footage.

Daniel Hess and Samantha Tadelman were the main videographers for the day which made for a great dynamic. Samantha films primarily with a 5D Mark II while Daniel prefers the A6500 at least during the prep and before ceremony photo phase of the day. The great thing about the A6500 and Sony’s Slog-2 picture profile is it allows the camera to color adjust to match just about any other camera it is paired with. Working with Samantha too was great because while Daniel could focus on the wider big scene style, Samantha was able to get more close up, small detail shots.

The two styles colliding at the same moment allow us to pull from big sweeping shots which showcase not only the couple but also the location itself. One important aspect we try and keep in mind is really showcasing a location especially since this is the spot the couple chose for a reason, they saw the venue and something about it really spoke to them. By really showing their interaction with the location we are aiming to help wow them with big wide angle shots. This is all coming from the Sony 10-18mm lens which looks great by the way!

On the flipside having our second videographer (something that will be a standard fixture for all of our future weddings) we can have someone at the same time getting close up details of all the little nuances. This ranges from the couple’s expressions, holding hands, cool small details of the venue, etc. This is where a camera like the Canon 5D Mark II or any professional Canon style DSLR really shines. The skin tones right out of the camera can’t really be beat and while we still shoot a flat image the detail to start is just phenomenal.

Well, that is all for now, just a quick update and break down of the thought process that goes into our wedding coverage at the moment. Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween! Check back later in the week to see our recap of our weekend mini photosession.

Random Trivia: In the 1961 Film A Woman Is A Woman Jean-Paul Belmondo character tells Angela and Émile that he wants to watch the movie Breathless (1960) (aka, "Breathless") on TV. The year earlier, Jean-Paul Belmondo played the lead role in this Jean-Luc Godard groundbreaking, French New Wave, film.