Autumn and Brad 10-14-17


Our latest video is the extended highlight film from the big day of Autumn and Brad! This was such a great and personal wedding for me. I met Autumn and Brad through my aunt who is close friends with their mother. Through the grapevine once they were engaged they contacted me and I was happy to help with all their video needs. Once I arrived to start filming the familial connection was pretty immediate, just being able to film and have fun with her mom as well as the bridesmaids was great. This is why not only do I love my career but it is these moments that just further validate the amazing moments we are invited to film.

This wedding was a bit smaller on the production scale, just utilizing a homely venue for the reception and a lovely catholic church for the ceremony. What it lacked in grandiose it more than made up for with a great group of loving and fun family. The food was great, the dancing was lively, and it was just an awesome time.

I am very pleased to present this video, our great team including Titus Burrell as my second videographer as well as our amazing editing staff work very hard to bring these videos to life. So without further delay please enjoy our latest video work featuring the beautiful day for Autumn and Brad!

Random Trivia: In St. Elmo’s Fire (1985) Martin Balsam and Joyce Van Patten, who played Wendy's parents Mr. and Mrs. Beamish, were married in real life from 1957 to 1962.