How was our weekend?

This past weekend was one of the biggest on the books for all of us here at To Tony Productions. On Friday we had a wedding at the Springfield Manor Winery and Distillery which was a great venue with some beautiful landscape views as well as really well spaced reception/ballroom. It was a blast and such a beautiful couple.

Saturday however was the day which went into overdrive mode! We had three different events which we were covering in both the world of video and photos. Our two main gigs were two separate weddings. I myself was covering a wedding for a close family friend which had a beautiful and intimate wedding event. Our second crew was covering a wedding for a lovely couple who was getting married in a much older time in their life. They had a live band, full size limo, the works. And finally our third crew was out doing video and photo coverage for a Bar Mitzvah in DC filming the ceremony as well as the small afterparty. It was a fun event and introduced the world to another awesome young man! Haha

Then on Sunday we had our second crew covering a wedding for a couple that is another close friend to us who is very active in the local Baltimore music scene. All the while I was flying down to Florida for the start of a week long shoot for Inter Rail Transport producing internal training videos.

Needless to say it has been our busy time at To Tony. This season has had it's ups and downs for sure for us but all the support and a great new core team of videographers has made all the magic possible.

Look to our next blog post for the plans for this coming weekend and how things went while down here in Florida!

Random trivia - In the film The House of The Devil (2009) the house used for filming was infested with Ladybugs, something that can be seen in certain shots throughout the film.