Facing A Harsh Winter

Well two things are fast approaching this time of year.

1.) The anniversary of the 'Dive' - It will soon have been a year since I decided to start freelancing full time again.

2.) The slow season - with winter cold business traditionally slows down especially in December and January.

One is great and the other is scary. Last year the thing that kept me going was a seasonal job at a local photo studio which was awesome! However this year that option was on the table but it wouldn't have been the same thing which isn't what I wanted. Basically last year I just had to organize invoices at a computer desk during the graveyard shift which was awesome and chill...if I would have had that on the table I would have been all over it this year but alas it is not.

As far as the slow season I am bracing things fairly well so far. November is picking up with a few good gigs, more than I thought I would have on the table. December has about two advanced bookings but the closer I get to a month the more I fill up so we will see.

My last rant is I can't believe it has already almost been a year since getting back to freelancing! Around this same time I could have been the manager at a Santa Photo Stand at a local mall...ugh. But after meeting a now close business friend at Starbucks and having a great heart to heart talk about things I quickly realized that I could make a lot more money working for myself. I quickly left the santa photo job right before it was due for me to start fortunately and never looked back since really. I still do independent contracting for a photo company but it is beyond super part time.

Thanks for reading,

Daniel Hess

IMDB Trivia:

In the film Nightcrawler (2014): To create Lou's gaunt appearance, Jake Gyllenhall worked out for up to 8 hours a day and ran or biked to the set everyday.