The Allure of the Music Video

Ever since I can remember I have always loved music videos. They are like great movies (well sometimes) that play to your favorite songs. I would always like to hear the song on the radio and envision my own video to it and see how close my vision was to what actually came out. Sometimes I think the directors get it dead wrong, other times they surpass even what I had in mind. A good example for me personally would be the music video for Jesus of Suburbia by Green my head I could see a lot of the imagery of just angst and anger being spilled onto a screen. What was created was a great video that tells a nice story of teenage hatred and being lost in modern society it was awesome.

A good example on the flip side for me was the video for Dark Horse by Katy Perry. I think the song is a perfect pop anthem it is a good song even with the wasted space by Juicy J...however the video for it is crap. The budget was obviously large but it just a weird mash up of an egyptian motif with no substance to it. In my mind I saw more of a cool revenge story going on something much darker than what came out of it.

Either way music videos are great...I still feel as though I have yet to make a truly amazing music video but it is coming I can just feel it.

Thanks for reading,